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Delivering Change Behind the Scenes

​Lakshi Renuka Segaran, Senior Executive, Business Office, KKH

Patients at KKH who do not have identification documents, or newborn babies who have not obtained a birth certificate, would be

registered at the admissions counter with a temporary number. The records will then be merged with their ID number the next time they come to the hospital.


However, nine years ago, patients did not enjoy such convenience, as the computer system at the time was unable to accommodate such scenarios.


To address this issue, Lakshi embarked on a Patient Merger Process Improvement Project (PIP), and worked with the

Information Systems Department to merge all records under a single patient. Together with her supervisor, they went through all possible patient merger scenarios, and conducted user interface testing of all the scenarios over the next few months.


The new system was implemented in January 2011 after nine months, and even won the Gold award in the Singapore Productivity Association’s National Innovation and Quality Circles (IQC) Assessment that year.“Being part of the Patient Merger Process Improvement Project was my proudest moment in KKH and I am honoured to have the opportunity to lend my expertise in a project that benefits our patients,” Laskshi said.