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Just Like Family

​Juliana Loh, Assistant Manager, Finance, NHCS

When Ms Juliana Loh joined SingHealth in July 2000, it felt like a small family just starting out. She remembered fondly the first ever SingHealth Family Day that she attended at Pasir Ris Park.


“The enthusiasm and camaraderie was great.  We played games together, laughed and ate together and cheered for one another during the games. Everyone was giving their all for the SingHealth Family Day,” she recounted.


Fast forward to 20 years later, while the SingHealth family has grown tremendously, Juliana still feels that the one family spirit remains strong. Whenever she goes through tough times at work, her colleagues are sure to lend a helping hand and listening ear.


“It’s hard to believe that I have journeyed with SingHealth for so long. The camaraderie I have with my colleagues is something that I cherish deeply,” says Juliana.