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The Big Sister at Work

​Eileen Heng, Patient Service Associate Executive, Clinic M, KKH

When Eileen Heng, initially stepped into her first job as a Patient Service Associate in Clinic J (now known as Clinic K) of KK Women's and Children's Hospital two decades ago, she confessed to being very timid. She was afraid to speak up due to her inexperience. "My supervisors patiently encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and upgrade my competencies through courses. They also gave me opportunities to take on different roles. This helped to grow my confidence and motivated me to stay engaged in the job for 20 years", Eileen shared.

Today, Eileen trains new Patient Service staff in three areas; On the Job training (OJT), Outpatient Administrative System (OAS) sessions and at an Induction programme for new staff. Her ever approachable and friendly demeanor made her the go-to person for newcomers. Known affectionately as  "Eileen Jie" (mandarin for big sister), she is the friend they turn to when they need help and the shoulder to lean on for emotional support.

Eileen remembers a particular trainee attached to her for OJT who seemed troubled and often turned up to work with puffy eyes. Sensing something was amiss, Eileen used different opportunities to engage the trainee. Eileen would meet her after work to travel home together and it was during those times that the trainee opened up and shared about her family issues. Living up to her name as the Big Sister, Eileen offered comfort and a listening ear during the colleague's time of distress. Her colleague's problems were eventually resolved and she even invited Eileen to her place for dinner to express her gratitude. To Eileen, it is encounters like this that add to her fulfillment at work, where she can extend a helping hand to colleagues in need.