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Walking the Journey with Cancer Patients

​Connie Ong, Nurse Manager, NCCS

As an oncology nurse, Connie has walked through important life journeys with her patients and their families.

“I witnessed patients having a hard time from their illness as well as patients who responded well to the treatment,” said Connie. “As I journey with my patients, hearing their stories is a constant reminder to me about what matters in life.”

Apart from her nursing role at the oncology clinic, Connie also sits on the SingHealth Fall Risk committee workgroup, which looks into ways to standardise the management of patient falls. Her experience helped the committee develop a standardised colour code for a fall risk wrist tag  for   patients with high fall risk, who would. receive additional care and attention from nurses when moving from one place to another.  In her 20 years of service, Connie believes that effective communication and active listening are the most essential skills in her work. This includes giving patients ample time to ask questions, and being thorough in her explanations so that patients appreciate the decisions they are making.

“When it comes to patient care, the holistic approach is vital,” she said.