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Palliative Care

Providing Dignified and Thoughtful End-of-Life Care
To ensure our palliative patients live and leave with dignity, palliative care at SCH focuses on the patients' wellbeing and what is meaningful to them. We want to journey with our patients with gentle compassion and respect through their last moments of life.

At SCH, we are looking at palliative care initiatives with an impact:

  • Anticipatory pain and breathlessness management to increase comfort for our patients and ensure good quality of end-of-life care

  • Advance Care Planning strikes up conversations on the topic of death and care at an earlier stage, empowering our patients to choose how they would like to be cared for

  • Art and music therapy as well as legacy projects for patients to leave something meaningful for loved ones

  • Memorial services for clinical staff and caregivers to pay respect and gain closure

  • Ensuring palliative patients do not miss out on special life events such as their family member's wedding with special coordination in the wards