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Healthy Living

As part of healthy living, having a good physical and mental health is important. Exercise to stay healthy and equip yourself with health tips to improve your mental health.

Chair Based Cardio Workout for Seniors!

It's time for another cardio training to warm up your muscles and increase your aerobic endurance. The best part is you get to do this workout seating on the chair!

Source: ActiveSG

Active Health Warm-Up: Marching Soldier

This simple exercise increases the heart rate. It also works on balance as one foot lifts off the ground to mimic walking which is one of the most frequent dynamic activities of daily living.

Source: Active Health

Active Health Mobility Training: Arm Pendulum

This exercise improves shoulder mobility which will help one with everyday tasks and to perform exercises. Having flexible shoulders also will help increase your overall body strength.

Source: Active Health

Stress and Relaxation

Managing physical and mental stress is important for good health. Find out the different techniques on how to manage your stress in this video!

Source: Health Promotion Board

You Can Spot a Stroke

Stroke can happen to us anytime but many don't realise that it is an emergency. Learn how to spot a stroke and get early treatment in a hospital to improve outcomes.

Source: Health Promotion Board