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Together for the Community

Volunteers seeking donations at Singapore Pools' Livewire


Results of Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) CHARITY DRAW 2019

Congratulations to the winners!

Bright Vision Hospital Donation Draw 2019 -Results.jpg

BVH and Singapore Pools have an outstanding partnership to help patients in need.

Singapore Pools' Livewire Outlet is where lottery winners go to collect their winnings. Lifted by their stroke of fortune, it seems the perfect opportunity to ask for a donation. So in 2016, Bright Vision Hospital launched the Winners Donation Programme, where nine volunteers spent six Mondays at Livewire to raise funds for needy patients.

Apart from the $4,000 raised, the Hospital also took the opportunity to increase awareness for its role as a community hospital to the public. This partnership with Singapore Pools enabled BVH to reach out to new potential donors and volunteers by offering an opportunity to make an impact.

Collaborations like this is particularly important when it comes to supporting a good cause. It creates space to forge and strengthen partnership while allowing both organisations to integrate a common goal – to help BVH needy patients.

Thank you kind donors for the over whelming support

BVH Donation Draw

Following the success of the Winners Donation Programme, BVH and Singapore Pools are collaborating once again to help patients in their healing journey, this time under Singapore Pools' Charity Donation Draws programme.

Through the sale of Charity Draw tickets, BVH hopes to raise $180,000 for patients from low income families.


   BVH Donation Draw tickets can be purchased at $3.00 each

Interested donors will be able to participate in the BVH Donation Draw by purchasing tickets available at 290 Singapore Pools retailers and outlets from 1 April – 6 May or through BVH Community Relations (CR) department till 16 June 2019.

A lucky winner will walk away with a grand prize of $10,000 plus a 55 inch Philips Smart Television!


Details of BVH Donation Draws

Period of Sale


SG Pools : 1 April to 12 May 2019

BVH: 1 April to 16 June 2019

Price of ticket

$3.00 per ticket (10 tickets per booklet)


Ticket Draw


12 July 2019, Friday




Ruby Room



1st Prize

$10,000 & 55 Inch Philips TV

2nd Prize

$5,000 & Grand Hyatt Singapore Weekend Staycation

3rd Prize


4th – 10th Prize

$200 each

11th – 20th Prize

$100 each


*To purchase tickets, from BVH Community Relations department, please email or at 6248 5755 from 9am to 5pm, Monday - Friday.



Rules & Regulation

The following Rules & Regulations are laid down by Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) for the purpose of Donation Draw.

1. Interpretation

In these Rules:

"BVH" means the Bright Vision Hospital

"Office" means the registered office of BVH at 5 Lorong Napiri Singapore 547530.

"Draw" means the BVH Donation Draw. 

"Ticket" means the Donation Draw Ticket issued by BVH.

"Ticket Number" means the 6-digit number printed on the face of the ticket.

"Winning Number" means the number drawn during the Draw.

"Winning Ticket" means the ticket that bears the winning number.

Words importing the singular number shall include the plural number and vice versa.

Words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and vice versa.


2. Preliminary

In the BVH Donation Draw an intending participant has to purchase a ticket issued by BVH for the Draw. The correct matching of the 6-digit ticket number with any one of the winning numbers drawn under these Rules & Regulations will qualify the participant to a prize listed in Appendix 1.

3. Draw

The Draw is to be held at BVH, 5 Lorong Napiri Singapore 547530, Level 1 Ruby Room 


4. Price of Ticket 

4.1 Tickets shall be priced and sold at three Singapore dollars (S$3) each.

4.2 Participants shall pay the full price of the ticket.

4.3 The price paid for a ticket under these Rules & Regulations shall not be refundable unless  otherwise stated in Rule 8.1.

5. Prizes and Winning Numbers

5.1 A ticket shall win the prize if there is a correct matching of the ticket number with the winning number declared for that prize.

5.2 The prizes and winning numbers for the draw under the Rules & Regulations shall be as stated in the prize list annexed.

6. Claims for Prizes

6.1 Any prize may be claimed by presenting a ticket bearing the winning number to BVH at its office.

6.2 BVH will require a claimant to produce his Identity Card or other document of Identity that is acceptable to BVH.

6.3 No person shall be entitled to claim the prize payable in respect of any ticket unless it complies with all the conditions in Rule 7.1.

6.4 Any prize not claimed within sixty (60) days from the date of the draw shall be forfeited to BVH.

7. Valid Ticket Requirements

7.1 In order to qualify for any prize under these Rules, a winning ticket must satisfy all the following conditions:

a. The ticket must be issued by BVH.

b. All particulars of the ticket (including but not limited to the ticket number) must be legibly and correctly printed on the ticket.

c. The ticket must not be torn, mutilated, defaced or disfigured in any way.

d. Only a physical copy of the ticket will be accepted; digital copies are void

e. The ticket must not be altered or tampered with in any manner.

f. The ticket must satisfy all the BVH's security checks for the ticket.

g. BVH must not have previously paid a prize in respect of the ticket with identical number and particulars; and

h. There must not be any breach of these Rules in relation to the ticket which in the opinion of BVH will disqualify the ticket for the draw or payment of a prize.

7.2 BVH's decision as to whether or not a ticket has satisfied all the conditions in Rule 7.1 shall be final and conclusive and shall be binding on the person presenting the ticket for payment.

8. Refund
8.1 If a ticket for the draw

a. bears an illegible or incomplete number or bears no ticket number, or

b. has particulars illegibly or incorrectly printed, \

BVH shall refund three Singapore dollars to the person presenting such a ticket to BVH before the Draw.


9. Advertisement
Results of the Draw shall be published within 7 days after the Draw in BVH's website; and BVH Facebook.


10. Claiming of Prizes
10.1 Claiming of prizes for the Draw shall be made on such days and times as shall be decided by BVH.

10.2 The claiming of any prize won by a ticket to the person presenting that ticket shall constitute a complete discharge of BVH's liability in respect of that ticket.


11. Benefits provided by Sponsoring Partners
Discount coupon / free gift / free item may be given out by the sponsoring partners of BVH out of goodwill. BVH and its partners shall not be liable and no compensation shall be made in the event that the published benefits or items are fully redeemed.

12. Alterations and Notifications
BVH reserves the right to postpone the date of the Draw and the postponed date will be published in and BVH Facebook.


13. General
13.1 These Rules & Regulations shall apply to the BVH Donation Draw and shall be the terms and conditions governing the participants of the Draw.

13.2 BVH, its agents or servants, and/or authorized distributors shall not be under any kind of liability whatsoever to a participant of the Draw.

13.3 No person shall be recognized by BVH as holding any ticket upon trust for some other person(s)
          and BVH shall not be bound or required to recognize any interest in respect of any ticket other
          than the absolute right of the holder of the ticket to the entire interest in the  ticket.

13.4 The expenses of the Draw shall not exceed 30% of the proceeds raised from the BVH Donation
         Draw project.

13.5 The proceeds of sale after deducting sums reasonably appropriated for expenses incurred for the BVH Donation Draw project shall be applied for BVH's use only.


Appendix 1

Details of Prizes




$10,000 & 55 Inch Philips TV


$5,000 & Grand Hyatt Singapore Weekend Staycation



4th to 10th

$200 each

11th to 20th

$100 each

Total Amount