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The Strings That Bind Us

​All of us at are connected by our commitment to our patients and our continuous drive to improve care for them. Three SCH Long Service Award winners share their reasons for being (and staying) in healthcare. 


Being our Patients' Source of Comfort
As a senior staff registrar in OCH Post-Acute Continuing Care (PACC), Dr Li Wei was motivated to join healthcare because of a story close to her heart — her cousin's battle with congenital heart disease.

Her cousin's long and painful journey was ended by a doctor who successfully performed the curative procedure after coming back from training in Germany. What struck Li Wei back then was not just the surgical expertise of the doctor, but also how he managed to relieve the entire family of their stress from the disease.

"The doctor who saved my cousin's life inspired me to be a doctor and contribute to the well-being of others," said Li Wei.

Since that decision, she has had many memorable moments at SCH, the most unforgettable happened during Christmas in 2021 – a time when strict visitation policies isolated many patients from their families due to the ongoing pandemic.

Undeterred, Li Wei and the multidisciplinary team orchestrated a heartwarming celebration to bring the festive cheer to our patients. The team distributed Christmas gifts to patients, organised a Christmas caroling session in the wards, and spent precious time together with them.

This act cemented her belief that healthcare extends beyond medical conditions to encompass the psychosocial well-being of patients.

In The Shoes of Patients
The moment Nurse Clinician Cerrer Evelyn Bayudan discovered that her calling was to be a nurse was when her cousin sustained an injury during their childhood days. As Evelyn helped her cousin to clean up her wound and comforted her through her pain, she realised that helping others was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

"I felt a strong sense of responsibility in caring towards my cousin when she was hurt and it was very satisfying to see her well again." said Evelyn. Being a nurse allowed Evelyn to help others in their healing journey and make a lasting impact in their lives.

After a long career in healthcare, Evelyn was spurred to join the SCH family because of her special interest in elder care. Evelyn's most memorable experience in SCH was came when she was barely 2 months old in SCH and she was tasked to set up a new ward in SKCH.

No doubt it was challenging but as Evelyn and the team went about the project, they kept in mind that providing a safe and conducive environment for our patients was key to their recovery journey. The team put themselves in the shoes of patients to ensure that they have filled in all necessary gaps.

Through this experience, Evelyn shared that that genuine care for patients begins long before their hospital admission, and that compassion and empathy goes a long way in healthcare.  

Providing a Good Patient Experience
Touched by a profound experience during her brother's hospitalisation years ago, SKCH Therapy Assistant Saraswathy D/O Renganathan found inspiration in the dedication displayed by the healthcare professionals.

"During my brother's hospital stay, the healthcare professionals that cared for him not only took care of his medical needs but they also went the extra mile. He was moved that they also took extra care with his meals and also offered insightful medication advice," she said.

Witnessing their dedication towards their patients ignited Sara's passion and desire to contribute meaningfully to the healthcare sector.

During her course at HMI Institute of Health Sciences Pte Ltd to be a Therapy Assistant, Sara had the opportunity to interact with the elderly patients and she enjoyed it tremendously. Without thinking twice, Sara chose to work in a community hospital.

Sharing her favourite memory at SCH, Sara remembers receiving a sincere and heartfelt thank you card from a caregiver. The caregiver thanked Sara for the joy and laughter she had brought to her mother, the palliative patient, during their rehabilitation sessions. As her mother reached the end of her journey in life, she was grateful that Sara had provided much enjoyment and created meaningful moments through singing together.

By creating a harmonious connection and keeping patients' needs in mind, Sara ensures that our patients have a meaningful and uplifting patient experience!