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A peaceful corner


The newly renovated Faith Patio gives our patients at BVH a comfortable space to unwind

Many people head to parks to inhale fresh air and surround themselves with greenery. For our patients at BVH, they can do the same without leaving the hospital – they need only to take the lift to level three to get to the Faith Patio, located next to Faith Ward.

The newly renovated Faith Patio offers our patients an opportunity to be out of their ward and get closer to nature. The space, designed to accommodate six wheelchairs and one hospital bed at one same time, is open all day for patients to unwind or spend time with their loved ones.


The patio brings social benefits and a healing environment to patients

Happiness with green fingers

Our therapists also use the space to engage patients in activities like simple rehabilitation exercises and gardening activities.   

During these sessions, patients get hands on with gardening tasks such as watering and repotting plants against the relaxing sound of flowing water in the background.   

“We want to occupy our patients meaningfully during their stay at Bright Vision Hospital,” said Ms Watanabe Yumi, a BVH Occupational Therapist.


BVH patients get a hands on experience on gardening at the Faith Patio

“The gardening activities help to boost their self-esteem, regain their self-confidence and gain satisfaction.”   

There are social benefits as well when our patients interact with each other and our therapists, sharing tips on how to maintain the plants.   

At times, the conversations can also revolve around more serious topics, especially for our palliative patients. These patients may share their feelings and thoughts as they tend to plants, which they plan to leave for their loved ones when they are gone.   

Apart from patients, we hope to see passionate volunteers contributing their time and expertise at Faith Patio, creating a healing environment for our patients.

If you are interested to participate in our volunteering activities, you may email BVH Community Relations (CR) department at