Local Faculty

Dr. Wong Manzhi


Department of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

Singapore General Hospital

Dr. Wong Manzhi is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Singapore General Hospital. Her subspecialties include facial nerve disorders, reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.

She attended the National University of Singapore School of Medicine where she was consistently placed on the Dean’s list. She graduated in 2004, being awarded the First Mekie Prize (for Best Candidate in Surgery) and the Singapore Medical Association Medal (for being second in the entire cohort in the Final Professional Examination).

As a Basic Surgical Trainee, she was awarded the Talent Development Fund award in 2007 to pursue research overseas for a year. As a post-doctoral scholar at Stanford University, institute for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine, she worked on cancer stem cell research under the supervision of Professor Irving Weissman.

She then returned to Singapore to undergo Plastic Surgery Specialist training in Singapore General Hospital. On completion of training, she was awarded the College of Surgeons Gold Medal Award for being the Best Performing Candidate in the Exit Examinations.

Due to the need for specialized care for facial nerve conditions in Singapore, she was awarded a MOH HMDP scholarship from 2015-2016 to do her fellowship in Japan. Kyorin University Hospital in Tokyo sees the highest number of patients afflicted with facial nerve paralysis/disorders in the whole of Japan. There she was mentored by Professor Kiyonori Harii and Professor Akihiko Takushima in the various medical and surgical treatments for this condition.

As it was a plastic surgery center for eyelid surgery, breast reconstruction, facial fractures, blood vessel tumors/malformations, head & neck surgery, chronic wounds and facial plastic surgery, Dr. Wong had opportunity to further hone her skills in each of these areas. During this period of time, she also was a visiting surgeon with some of the top cosmetic & reconstructive surgeons in both Japan and Korea.

On her return, she has started a multi-disciplinary Facial Nerve Clinic in Singapore to focus on providing best quality care for both subsidized and private patients who have facial nerve disorders. This condition results in failure to move or control the facial muscles, leading to difficulty with functions such eye closure and smiling. Children may also be born with this condition due to abnormal development of the facial nerve (see section under Clinical Services).

Dr. Wong’s current work runs the gamut of Plastic Surgery, including breast reconstruction after mastectomy or wide removal, lymphedema surgery, scar surgery and reconstructive surgery of the head and neck, trunk and extremities. She also performs eyelid surgery, cosmetic rhinoplasty, facelift, otoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck procedures.

She has published and presented various research papers on Plastic Surgery in scientific journals and conferences; and has been an invited speaker for medical and patient education.  Besides regular teaching commitments, she has organized courses on facial nerve and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Wong has keen interest in volunteer mission work and has participated in cleft surgery missions under SGH, Operation Smile and Smile Asia.