August 03, 2018 | UpcloseResearchRegional Health System 

All aboard for better population health

Duke-NUS MD-PhD candidate Kwan Yu Heng shares about the importance of population health, and how he is cultivating interest among students, researchers and healthcare professionals in Singapore.

February 05, 2018 | Regional Health SystemPhoto Story 

Providing palliative patients with dignified, holistic care

At Bright Vision Hospital (BVH), palliative care is more than just about relieving pain and physical symptoms. It’s about treating patients holistically – body, mind and soul.

January 23, 2018 | UpcloseRegional Health SystemClinical Care and Innovation 

What my patients want

How do you answer the question "What do my patients want?" Dr Daniel Quah, Consultant at National Cancer Centre Singapore, shares his thoughts.

January 23, 2018 | Regional Health SystemClinical Care and Innovation 

Community scheme to tackle diabetes to be expanded to western part of Singapore

Under the Health Peers Programme, launched by Changi General Hospital and South East CDC, volunteers reach out to residents who are diabetic or may be at risk of the condition, to create awareness of diabetes prevention and management.

January 11, 2018 | Regional Health SystemEvents 

SingHealth's inaugural Integrated Care Symposium : opening highlights

SingHealth holds the inaugural Integrated Care Symposium, which brings together various healthcare providers to learn and pioneer solutions in improving care delivery in the community.

January 10, 2018 | Regional Health SystemEvents 

79 GPs join the SingHealth DOT Primary Care Network

On 6 January 2018, 79 General Practitioners signed their agreement to be part of the SingHealth DOT Primary Care Network (PCN).

January 08, 2018 | Regional Health System 

Cared for, supported by many helping hands

Under the Community of Care programme, elderly with complex medical and social needs find comfort in being able to recuperate at home.

January 08, 2018 | Regional Health System 

When help is just next door

Neighbourly support keeps the elderly well in the community.

January 08, 2018 | Regional Health System 

Fit or frail? Seniors take the test!

A new community screening test targets seniors at-risk of becoming frail.

November 29, 2017 | Photo StoryRegional Health SystemClinical Care and Innovation 

From walking frame to tongkat

For Mr Ng, discharge from the hospital was just the beginning of his road to recovery. The Regional Health System ensures that vulnerable patients like Mr Ng do not fall through the cracks. By appointing a Patient Navigator to coordinate his care, different healthcare professionals, welfare organisations and other sectors of the community are mobilised to provide a continuum of services to Mr Ng. This way, he can ease back into normalcy.