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Facilities & Amenities

Patient-centred Features

Patients have the option of choosing from 6-bedded and 8-bedded naturally ventilated wards which are all complemented with shared bathroom facilities and television entertainment. Those who wish for greater privacy (for palliative patients only) may go for the air-conditioned single-bedded wards which includes bathroom facilities, a sofa bed and a television. Patients can enjoy Wireless Internet service at all wards.

Snoozeland Room
The snoozeland room is specially equipped with soft lighting, music and aromatherapy for palliative patients, to provide them with a calm and cosy environment to rest and relax in.

Sky Café and Garden
Open to both staff and public, the Sky Café at Level 5 serves meals daily from Mondays to Fridays, 7.30am to 4pm. Diners can enjoy their food at the outdoor café coupled with lush greenery. Next to the café is the Sky Garden, where therapists would typically bring their patients to for simple exercises. Caregivers, visitors and patients may also have their own leisure time at this area.

Reminiscence and Health Education Corner
A stand-alone corner furnished with tables and chairs that resemble that of an old coffeeshop setting – caregivers, visitors and patients who wish to have some quiet time will find this area a therapeutic place to reside in. There are also computers for patients and caregivers to browse for health-care related websites.

Move Gallery
An area to showcase various types of rehabilitative equipment to allow patients and caregivers to have a better feel and understanding of the equipment before they purchase from the supplier.

Inpatient Gymnasium
An air-conditioned gymnasium equipped with the rehabilitation equipment that allows patients to exercise under the supervision by therapists, as part of their recovery programme.


Food Outlets
The Sky Café opening hours are Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4pm.

Equipped with a sound system, the Atrium at Level 2 provides an ideal space for small group events.

Yen Pei Hall
Located at Level 1, the Yen Pei Hall is able to accommodate up to 200 people and is ideal for large-scale events (please note that only vegetarian food are allowed to serve in the Hall). This area is also perfect for hosting activities for patients and volunteers such as karaoke sessions and movies screening.

Wireless Internet Service
Free WiFi is available in the hospital's premises for patients and visitors.