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Samuel Chuah

Samuel Chuah

NameSamuel Chuah


DesignationResearch Officer

Highest DegreeBachelor of Science (Honours) in Biological Sciences

Degree InstituteNanyang Technological University, Singapore

Degree year2018

Joined TII2018

RoleSamuel is a research officer. His role at TII is to provide support for the various projects of his team and the general daily functions of the lab.

Currently working onSamuel is currently working on understanding the role the immune system plays in cancer, more specifically, Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC). The projects he is involved in investigate the characteristics of immune cell subsets which infiltrate the tumour. The goal is to understand the immune microenvironment of HCC and search for immune cell markers which might be useful in providing prognostic information or guiding treatment decisions.

Samuel's research interests are…Samuel's research interests are in human immunology and oncology with a focus on the clinical and translational aspects of this field.

Long term wish toAs a fresh graduate, Samuel's aim in the near future is to explore the field of immune-oncology, and to learn skills which would enable him to understand and contribute to the work being done in this field.


Projects involved with1. Multidimensional analysis on immune microenvironment in hepatocellular carcinoma- biomarker and therapeutic discovery