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Volunteers Needed For Research Study


What is this study about?

The SAFFron studies aim to gather data about the role of the family in nurturing healthy lifestyles
among its members and its link with chronic disease. In this 1st study of the series, we want to test
the use of family- and health-related questionnaires in Singapore.

What does the study involve?

This study will be recruiting individuals, as well as pairs of family members, to respond to different
family- and health-related questionnaires. Responding to the questionnaires will be done through
secure digital platforms with no face-to-face meetings. The study will require between 60-120
minutes of your time. Reimbursement for time will be made.

You are invited to participate if you are:
• an individual whose first or second language is English, Mandarin or Malay, and
• are at least 15 years old, and
• are Singaporean / PR

To find out more, or to register your interest, please contact us at