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GPFirst Challenge

1.              Selection of winners

1.1              The top scorers for each challenge period will be shortlisted to be considered for the award of prizes.

1.2              All winners must agree to provide a valid email address and the last four digits of their respective Singapore identification card or passport numbers.

1.3              The winners of each challenge period will be the participants we deem to have the three best scores and to have submitted proper entries and to have complied with all these terms and conditions.  We reserve the discretion not to award any prize or to any participant as we deem fit.

2.                Prizes

2.1              The prizes for each challenge period will consist of any the following items: Wireless Charger, Travel Adaptor, First Aid Kit and RFID card holder, all bearing the GPFirst logo. We reserve the right to change the prizes without prior notice.

2.2              Each winner can only win one prize throughout the period of the challenge, and will not qualify to be considered for any additional prize even if his scores are considered the top scorer.