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Preterm Immunome (PRIMO) Study

Major Category: Research and Disease Areas

Subcategory: Immune System Development

By Yeo Kee Thai (Team Lead), Amanda Lim, Camillus Chua, Leong Jing Yao, Martin Wasser, Poh Su Li, Sharifah Nur Hazirah, Yeo Joo Guan

Preterm infants’ immune system exhibits distinctly different, rather than deficient, function compared to term infants. There is a current lack of understanding on how the immune system of preterm infants develop and how antenatal and postnatal events may shape immune development. Understanding this complex development of the preterm immune system will require a holistic understanding of the preterm immunome of at birth and in early life.

We have developed a biobank of maternal, infant and placental specimens and we are using the immunomics platforms developed at TII for high-dimensional interrogation of the preterm immune system in order to elucidate key cell subsets and important pathways that are important in this process.