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Phyllis Chen

Phyllis Chen

NamePhyllis Chen


DesignationResearch Officer

Highest DegreeBSc Degree

Degree InstituteNational University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

Degree year2013

Joined TII2014

RoleTo conduct immunology related assays for the interrogation of the patient’s immune profile.

Currently working onFetal Ontogeny, Juvenile idiopathic Arthritis, Pediatrics Cow’s Milk Allergy

Phyllis's research interests are…Phyllis's research interest is to discover relevant biomarkers or immune-related signatures for better prognosis/diagnosis/treatment of Pediatrics Autoimmune Diseases.

Long term wish tohone my skills and knowledge on various immunology-related analysis platform to facilitate development and discovery of potential biomarkers and disease-specific signatures.

Projects involved with1. Dichotic control of T cell tolerance and effector restriction during human fetal development
5. Microenvironment driven re-shaping of pathogenic T effector and regulatory subset in active juvenile idiopathic arthritic patients
6. Predicting relapse in JIA patients upon anti-TNFA withdrawal
7. The synovial micro-enviroment in juvenile idiopathic arthritis