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Phuong- Nguyen H

Phuong Nguyen H

NamePhuong Nguyen H


DesignationResearch Officer

Highest DegreeBachelor

Degree InstituteNational University of Singapore

Degree year2018

Joined TII2018

RolePhuong's role at TII is as a cancer immunologist. She is currently a research officer who is working on hepatocellular carcinoma project.

Currently working onPhuong is currently working on understanding the role of the immune system in hepatocellular carcinoma and its impact on disease progression.

Phuong's research interests are…Phuong's research interest is in cancer immunology with a focus on tumour microenvironment and immune markers for prognosis.

Long term wish tocontinue using combination of multidimensional approaches for understanding the role of the immune system in cancer and exploring its clinical applications.

Projects involved with1. Multidimensional analysis on immune microenvironment in hepatocellular carcinoma- biomarker and therapeutic discovery