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Pavanish Kumar

Pavanish Kumar

NamePavanish Kumar


DesignationSenior Biostatistician

Highest DegreePhD

Degree InstituteInternational Centre For Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), New Delhi, India

Degree year2011

Joined TII2016

RolePavanish's role at TII is to analyze the data generated by various omics platform at the institute and develop newer approaches to understand and make sense of the data.

Currently working onHe is developing various approaches to understand the immune system in disease and health and developing systems immunology tools for better diagnostics and prognostics in autoimmune diseases and cancer. He is leading projects in Neuroimmunology, cardiovascular and rheumatic disease.

Pavanish's research interests are…His research focus are in area of systems immunology and translational bioinformatics.

Long term wish tocontribute in the development of real product that can be used to improve the healthcare.


Projects involved with1. Exploring the inflammatory signatures underlying progression of knee osteoarthritis
2. Extended Poly-dimensional Immunome Characterisation (EPIC): A Reference Atlas of the Immunome from Birth to Adulthood
3. Immune landscape in systemic sclerosis
4. Inflammatory mechanisms in seizure and refractory epilepsy
5. Microenvironment driven re-shaping of pathogenic T effector and regulatory subset in active juvenile idiopathic arthritic patients
6. Web-based data analytics platform for the human immune atlas.