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Our Transplant Programmes

​Overview of Kidney Transplant

When does a patient require a Kidney Transplant?

When a patient develops end-stage Kidney Failure, minerals, fluids and toxins will build up to harmful levels. The patient will either require dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive. Dialysis can remove enough toxins and excess fluids from the patient but not all and the patient will still require medication. In the long term, the patient on dialysis can develop further complications, such as cardiovascular disease, due to the incomplete removal of toxins and fluids.

Symptoms of end-stage kidney failure

• Fluid retention results in swelling of feet and ankles

• Decreased or change in urine output

• Poor appetite

• Weight loss

• Fatigue and weakness

• Shortness of breath

• Nausea

• Persistent itching

These symptoms are often non-specific, which means they can be caused by other illnesses or conditions. Further urine, blood tests and assessments are required to confirm diagnosis of kidney failure.

Eligibility of transplant

When a patient is referred to the transplant team, the patient will be fully evaluated by the team to determine if he or she is suitable for transplantation. Patients with the following conditions might be considered potential candidates for transplantation:

• Patients with advanced chronic kidney disease

• Patients with end-stage kidney disease already on dialysis

Programme Highlights

• The SGH Kidney Transplant Programme was set up in 1970 when the first kidney transplant was done. The first living donor kidney transplant was performed in 1976.

• In 2009, after the age cap for deceased donors was lifted, the kidney transplant team at the Singapore General Hospital successfully transplanted two kidneys from a 62-year-old donor into a 54-year-old woman who was on dialysis.

• The first blood group incompatible transplant was done in 2009. The SGH Kidney Transplant Programme currently cares for over 800 transplant recipients and more than 170 living kidney donors.

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