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Skin Transplant

Overview of Skin Transplant 

When does a patient require a skin transplant?

Skin Transplant is the gold standard in treating severe burn patients who do not have enough healthy skin on their body to graft onto their wounds. As such, recovered skin from deceased donors is used as a temporary dressing for severe burns wounds. The donated skin helps relieve the patient of pain and discomfort, prevents risk of infection and minimises fluid loss. Without skin transplant, burns patients can suffer from severe infection, leading to death.

Eligibility of transplant

Patients with severe burns will undergo skin transplant.

Programme Highlights

  • The national skin transplant programme in Singapore General Hospital started in 1998. The programme is instrumental in maintaining a ready source of clinically safe human donor skin for management of severe burn patients.

  • More than 250 patients have benefited from skin transplant in Singapore with a total area of 1,214,510 cm2 of donated skin.

  • The SGH Burns Centre is the only regional facility that manages major burn injuries in Southeast Asia. Every year, the Burns Centre treats approximately 220 burn patients with majority admitted due to accidents. About 10% of these patients require skin transplants.

  • The Skin Bank recovers, stores and provides donated skin for transplantation in severe burns treatment. It provides the highest quality, safe and effective skin grafts for transplantation, education and research. All staff at the Skin Bank have received specialised training and are required to obtain the Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (CTBS) certification by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). In July 2015, the Skin Bank underwent its first AATB audit, and achieved the AATB accreditation in July 2016.

Our Specialists


A/Prof Tan Bien Keem is the Programme Directior of the Skin Transplant Programme.


The Skin Transplant team is made up of a multi-disciplinary team comprising doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Together, they care for burn patients from the point of injury to their post-discharge rehabilitation period. Aside from healthcare professionals, the Burns Support Group (BSG) provides support and encouragement for burns survivors, victims and their caregivers through activities and regular sharing sessions. These activities and sharing sessions provide a secure and safe avenue for them to connect with others who share similar experiences and motivate the burns patients to see through their long rehabilitation journey.


Contact Information

Please contact:
Skin Bank Unit
Singapore General Hospital
Tel: +65 6321 4974