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Ovarian Tissue Transplant

Overview of Ovarian Tissue Transplant

When does a patient require an ovarian tissue transplant?

For reproductive-aged women suffering from cancer, ovarian tissue freezing (cryopreservation) and transplantation offers them an opportunity to preserve their fertility. Cancer treatment; in particular Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy often destroys oocytes and ovarian function and the woman's chances of bearing children permanently. The ovaries are vital to normal female reproductive function and fertility because they contain the female egg cells (oocytes) and secrete the female reproductive hormones.

Eligibility of transplant

The patient is assessed by our transplant team to determine her suitability for ovarian tissue retrieval and freezing. The factors include:

  • Below 40 years old
  • Pre-menopausal
  • Cancer is at the early stage
  • Cancer does not involve the ovaries
  • Not at risk of developing Ovarian Cancer
  • Not a carrier of BRCA genes

Program Highlights

  • 2010: First ovarian tissue cryopreservation operation done at SGH
  • 2012: First ovarian tissue transplant operation done at SGH

Our Specialists

yu su ling.jpg
A/Prof Yu Su Ling is the Programme Director of the Corneal Transplant Programme.

Contact Information

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