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Sending Your Blood Pressure Data Made Easy

Quickly and Securely Share Your Readings with Your Healthcare Team

How to Submit Your Blood Pressure Data?

Step 1 Click Blood Pressure from Home Screen or Health Up! Dashboard to access Blood Pressure

Step 1 Click 'Send to SingHealth' button to submit your Health Data
Send blood pressure data to SingHealth

Step 1 Please take note of this precautionary message before using this service
Send blood pressure data precautionary message
 Step 4Select the number of records to send. Click 'Load More' to view additional records if you wish to add more. Note the maximum number of records allowed per submission in a single day.
FYI: If you wish to submit more than the daily limit, you may do so in subsequent submissions, as there is no limit to the number of sumissions per day.' Select blood pressure records to send
Step 5 Verify that the selection is for the correct profile's records

Confirm selection of Profile data to send
Step 6 Login via QR / Password
 Step 7 Final verification to confirm that the records being submitted to SingHealth are for the caregiver/dependants (patient)
Final verification to match patient name
Step 8  Verify that the selection is for the correct profile's records
Verify and Submit Blood Pressure Data
Step 9 Click the 'View Submission' hyperlink to review the records

View submitted blood pressure record

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions