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Medication Delivery Service

Need More Medicine?

Have your medicines all packed and ready for you to cut your queue/wait time at the Pharmacy. Better yet, opt for FREE Delivery to your home or a locker box near you!*

* In order to enjoy medication delivery, the pharmacy will need to keep your original prescription. Sign up here and place your original prescription with the Pharmacy the next time you go down. Let us do all the work for you. Free delivery is available for a limited time only. Terms & conditions apply.

To top-up your medicine, please ensure you:

  1. Are an existing SingHealth patient who has received consultation at our Specialist Outpatient Clinics, National Specialty Centres or Polyclinics
  2. Are requesting for medicines which you have taken before
  3. Have your prescription and/or medicine label handy (you will need to take photos of these)

Find out more at the respective Pharmacy website:

Medicine Delivery Service FAQs

This service is available for SingHealth’s patients:

  • who have a valid and original prescription and
  • have balance supply of uncollected prescribed medicines

Yes, you can order your medicines over the phone if you have balance supply of uncollected medicines with the valid prescription. Please note that the original prescription and the completed form need to be presented to the pharmacy for first time processing. The prescription must be submitted to the pharmacy before ordering the required medicines over the phone.

An original, valid prescription from your doctor together with a duly completed form are needed for the pharmacy to process and arrange for the medicines to be delivered to you. Incomplete submissions or ambiguous orders will not be processed for medication delivery service.

Upon receiving your request, our pharmacy staff will contact you to confirm your order. Upon confirmation, your medicines will be delivered to your preferred delivery point within 3 working days after payment is received.

If you urgently need your prescription filled, it is best that you personally collect your medicines at the pharmacy with your valid and original prescription.

The preferred payment mode is Mobile Pay. For other payment options, please check with the respective pharmacy.

We deliver on weekdays and our pharmacy staff/ delivery partner will call you to confirm a delivery time to meet your convenience when you place an order. Additional charges may be applicable for specific time requests.

There are no deliveries on weekends, public holidays and the eve of the following major public holidays – Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year.

We deliver to all addresses within Singapore, except Jurong Island checkpoint, Jurong Island, Sentosa Island and Pulau Ubin. We do not handle overseas delivery due to import restrictions on pharmaceutical products.

The delivery is free till 30 June 2019. If you missed the pre-scheduled delivery, you will be contacted for a repeat delivery to be scheduled. As the delivery service is outsourced to a validated delivery partner, a charge of $8 will apply for each repeat delivery.

a. Is the delivery to SHP PILBOX applicable to all patients and not just SHP patients?

All SingHealth patients can collect their medication from SingHealth institutions at the 24/7 PILBOX locker stations at SingHealth Polyclinics – Bedok, Marine Parade, Sengkang, Tampines and Punggol. This will provide patients with the added convenience of collecting their medication round the clock. It will also benefit those who are not able to be at to wait for their medicine to be delivered.

b. How will patients be alerted that their medication has been delivered to PILBOX?

An SMS will be sent to patients once their medication has been delivered to the PILBOX.

c. Does the medication need to be picked up within a certain no. hours/days? What happens when the medication is not picked up?

If the medicine is not picked up within 36 hours from PILBOX, it will be sent back to the pharmacy of the original SingHealth institution. Patients can arrange for a second delivery (which will be charged) or visit the institution's pharmacy to collect it.

d. Is there a size restriction for PILBOX?

Yes. PILBOXes at the different locations have different size permutations. Please refer to individual institutions for more details.

a. Is the delivery to bluPort lockers applicable to all SingHealth patients?

The delivery to bluPort lockers is currently available for SGH and KKH patients.

b. Can I get my medication delivered to all bluPort lockers?

Medication can be delivered to bluPort lockers at the following 18 locations:

  1. BluPort@1 Jervois Rd, at FairPrice Xpress, ESSO
  2. BluPort@10 Yishun Ave 9, at FairPrice Xpress, ESSO
  3. BluPort@150 Jurong East Ave 1, at FairPrice Xpress, ESSO
  4. BluPort@211 Punggol Rd, at Cheers, ESSO
  5. BluPort@239 East Coast Rd, at FairPrice Xpress, ESSO
  6. BluPort@50 Woodlands Ave 1, at FairPrice Xpress, ESSO
  7. BluPort@594 Upp Thomson Rd, at Cheers, ESSO
  8. BluPort@810 Hougang Central, at Cheers
  9. BluPort@Clarke Quay Central, at Cheers
  10. BluPort@Harbourfront Centre, at Cheers
  11. BluPort@Jurong Point Shopping Centre, at Cheers
  12. BluPort@Rivervale Mall, at Cheers
  13. BluPort@Rochester Mall
  14. BluPort@Serene Centre
  15. BluPort@SIT Dover
  16. BluPort@Tampines Central Club, at Cheers
  17. BluPort@Tampines East, Downtown Line Station, at Cheers
  18. BluPort@Tanjong Pagar Centre, at Cheers

c. How will patients be alerted that their medication has been delivered to the bluPort locker?

An SMS will be sent to patients once their medication has been delivered to the bluPort locker.

d. Does the medication need to be picked up within a certain no. hours/days? What happens when the medication is not picked up?

If the medicine is not picked up within 48 hours from the lockers, it will be sent back to the pharmacy of the original SingHealth institution. Patients can arrange for a second delivery (which will be charged at $8) or visit the institution's pharmacy to collect it.

e. How much is the fee to have it delivered again and how long would it take to re-deliver?

A delivery charge of $8 will apply for additional delivery due to non-collection. A re-delivery can be scheduled within 3 working days upon patient's confirmation.

f. bluPort has lockers all over Singapore. Why are there only 18 locations that are part of the Medication Delivery Service?

Only locker locations that are able to maintain an ambient temperature of 25oC and below and are able to allow 24/7 access have been selected for medication deliveries. This is to ensure quality assurance of medication and patient convenience.

You can contact our friendly pharmacy staff during working hours to find out more.

Singapore General Hospital
Block 3 Level 1 Pharmacy
Block 4 Level 1 Pharmacy
Bowyer Block Pharmacy
+65 6326 6969
KK Women's and Children's Hospital
Outpatient Pharmacy
+65 6394 1500
+65 6394 1501
National Cancer Centre Singapore +65 6436 8091
National Heart Centre Singapore +65 6704 8032
Singapore National Eye Centre +65 6322 8880
SingHealth Polyclinics 
Bedok +65 6202 1045
Bukit Merah +65 6377 5234
Marine Parade +65 6342 5043
Outram Park +65 6435 3960
Pasir Ris +65 6585 5392
Punggol +65 6718 2085
Sengkang +65 6315 3504
Tampines +65 6587 8604


  1. This document constitutes an agreement between you, as a registered user of the SingHealth Pharmacy Medication Delivery Service, herein known as the Medication Delivery Service, and the SingHealth Institution whose pharmacy you have selected for fulfilment of your prescription (“Relevant SingHealth Institution”).

Registration and Disclosure

  1. Upon registration for the Medication Delivery Service, you undertake to submit the original prescription and provide all relevant information required, including medical information and other personal data that are reasonably expedient for the purpose of fulfilment of the Medication Delivery Service (“Required Information”). You also consent to disclose all Required Information to the Relevant SingHealth Institution, and all its staff, personnel or third-party service providers. A copy of SingHealth Data Protection Policy is available at Hard copies are also available on request.

  2. You also warrant that you have the legal capacity to bind yourself to the Terms and Conditions stated herein. You warrant that all Required Information is at all times true, accurate, current and complete. You further undertake to inform us to update your records as soon as any change occurs in Required Information provided.

  3. We will share Required Information only with our agents, representatives and trusted service providers and contractors for the limited purposes of fulfilling the prescription orders, communicating with patients, providing customer service, and all other reasonably related purposes.

  4. Apart from the purposes described above, we will not share Required Information with any other third parties unless we have your expressed permission, or under circumstances such as disclosure required by law. We may share any aggregated demographic or statistical information with our partners. This is not linked to any personal information that can identify any individual person.


  1. The Relevant SingHealth Institution’s Pharmacy reserves the right to reject a prescription for the Medication Delivery Service if the registered user does not satisfy the terms and conditions laid down in this agreement. Acceptance of any prescription presented is subject to users satisfying ALL the following criteria:

    • Delivery to a valid local address within the mainland of the Republic of Singapore only, excluding offshore islands.
    • Only prescriptions issued from SingHealth Institutions are accepted for delivery.
    • Only for medications available for this delivery service in the Relevant SingHealth Institution’s medication listing and deemed suitable for supply via this delivery mode.

  2. All prescriptions should have a validity of one (1) year from date of issue unless otherwise expressly stated. Any medication order to be issued beyond the one-year period must be based on a new prescription written by the doctor.

  3. Each new prescription order is to be delivered to the Relevant SingHealth Institution Pharmacy. The Relevant SingHealth Institution Pharmacy will retain the original prescription.

Delivery and Payment

  1. A medication delivery fee (if applicable) will be levied per one time delivery. An additional fee will be imposed for any non-deliverable parcels/failed deliveries, upon delivery. Delivery service charge (where applicable) are not covered by third-party payers.

    Delivery will be made on Monday to Friday, except on eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays. For further details, please contact the Relevant SingHealth Institution’s Pharmacy where you have presented your prescription for fulfilment.

  2. Once the delivery date and order are confirmed, the medication delivery charges (if applicable) will be imposed and payable by you even if delivery is later cancelled on your request.

  3. Your medication delivery may be fulfilled by a Centralised Refill Pharmacy (“CRP”) acting on behalf of the Relevant SingHealth Institution, if deemed eligible. For eligible medication delivery requests, you will receive medication bearing the CRP’s labelling, and tax invoice(s) bearing the CRP’s name and logo. Payment for prescription orders inclusive of medication delivery charges should be made to the CRP.

  4. All payments for prescription orders are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax and medication delivery charges (if applicable). The payment is to be made by ePayment via Internet, mobile app or AXS machine as soon as the amount and invoice number are made known to the recipient. Third-party payments such as Civil Service Card and other staff benefit cards are not extendable to include medication delivery charges. All payments must be in Singapore dollars.

Checking of Medications and Product Quality

  1. Upon delivery, the recipient will undertake to check the medication labels to verify that the medications match the prescription orders.

  2. The Relevant SingHealth Institution’s Pharmacy will not be liable for any defects in products delivered unless the recipient communicates to the Relevant SingHealth Institution’s Pharmacy, verbally or in writing of the purported defect, within three (3) working days of delivery of the product.

  3. In such instances, the Relevant SingHealth Institution’s liability, if so determined, shall be limited either to (i) the replacement of the defective products with equivalent products and a waiver of the Medication Delivery Service charge for the replacement or (ii) the refund equivalent to the cost of replacement of the relevant defective products.

  4. Return of medications, other than the above, are subject to the current Relevant SingHealth Institution’s Pharmacy medication refund policy. The Relevant SingHealth Institution’s Pharmacy reserves the right to refuse the return of any medication which has been damaged whilst in the user’s possession.

Exclusion and Limitation of Liability

  1. The SingHealth Institutions shall not be liable for any losses, damages or expenses sustained by individuals or by any other person in consequence of any delays in delivery, if such delays are at request of the individuals, or owing to the inability or refusal of the individuals or those present at the address at the time of attempted delivery, to take delivery of the medication order, whether by reason of lack of reasonable access to the address or place of delivery or otherwise, or to causes beyond the control of the SingHealth Institutions or the medication delivery personnel.

  2. The user’s rights and obligations under these terms and conditions may not be assigned either in part or in whole without prior written consent from the Relevant SingHealth Institution. The Relevant SingHealth Institution, however, reserves the right to assign its obligations and rights under these terms and conditions. Any delay or failure on the Relevant SingHealth Institution’s part to take action against any breach of these terms and conditions by individuals does not constitute a waiver of any kind of its rights, now and in the future, under this agreement.

Force Majeure

  1. The SingHealth Institutions shall not be liable for any delays, omissions or failures in the performance of its obligations if such causes are the result of acts of God, acts of war, civil unrest, states of emergency, industrial disputes or unrest, material shortages or rationing, law or government regulations, failures or interruptions in the supply of utilities or in respect of any telecommunication or information system, or any other causes beyond our control.

Governing Law

  1. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement. This agreement shall be governed in all aspects by the laws of the Republic of Singapore. If any of these terms and conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the particular term(s) shall be severed to the extent that it is invalid or unenforceable, leaving the remaining terms and conditions or parts thereof enforceable.


  1. Words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa and words importing one gender shall include either gender.

All information herein is correct at time of printing, and subject to change without prior notice.