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Oncology Services in SingHealth

​Cancer Screening Services

​What​Where​Contact No.

Health Screening

  • General
  • Specific
Singapore General Hospital
Health Assessment Centre
Camden Medical Centre
​6736 6180
Women Health ScreeningKK Women’s & Children’s Hospital
Women Wellness Centre
​6294 4050 (Appointment)

Breast Screening

  • Clinical Examination
  • Mammogram

Available at selected polyclinics* only, please call
for an appointment.
** Only mammograms, no clinical exam.

Cervical Screening

  • Pap smear

Colorectal Screening

  • Faecal Occult Blood

Not available at Bukit Merah

SingHealth Polyclinics

Bukit Merah*
Marine Parade
Pasir Ris**

6243 6740
6271 3911
6342 5101
6435 3980
6585 5406
6315 3500
6786 8516

Cancer Genetics ServiceNational Cancer Centre Singapore
Crystal Suite, Basement 2
​6436 8000

​Specialists Centres and Clinics

Specialist Clinic A

  • Liver and Pancreas Clinic
  • Neuro-Oncology Clinic
  • Sarcoma Clinic
  • Lymphoma Clinic
  • Upper Gastrointestinal Clinic

Specialist Clinic B

  • Breast Clinic

Specialist Clinic C

  • Lung Clinic
  • Head and Neck Clinic

Specialist Clinic D

  • Colorectal Clinic
  • Gynae-oncology Clinic
  • Palliative Medicine
National Cancer Centre Singapore ​6436 8088

Gynaecological Cancer Centre

  • Screening and treatment for
    cervical, ovarian, uterine,
    vulva cancers
  • Risk Evaluation & Prevention
  • Clinic for gynaecological cancers
  • Colposcopy & Vulva Clinics

KK Breast Centre

  • Screening, diagnosis and
    treatment of breast cancer and diseases
  • Support from the KK Alpine
    Blossoms Breast Cancer Support Group

KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital
Gynaecological Cancer
Women’s Tower, Level 1

Children’s Tower, Level 1

​6394 8803
6394 2158
6394 2160

6394 8076

Specialist Clinic A

  • Lung Cancer Screening

Specialist Clinic C

  • Breast, head and neck clinic,
    hepatopancreatic-biliary clinic,
    upper gastrointestinal surgery

Specialist Clinic D

  • Colorectal Surgery

Specialist Clinic T

  • Liver cancer screening of chronic hepatitis patients
Singapore General Hospital ​6222 3322
(Main Line)

6321 4377

ENT Centre

  • Nasopharyngeal cancer
    screening and other head and
    neck cancers

Haematology Centre Clinic K

  • Lymphoma screening of
    patients with enlarged lymph
    nodes or FBC abnormalities

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Colposcopy Clinic
  • Gynaecological Oncology

Urology Centre

  • Uro-oncology Clinic
Singapore General Hospital ​6222 3322
(Main Line)

6321 4377
  • ​Oral cancer screening clinic
    at Department of Oral and
    Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Oral care clinic for head and
    neck cancer patients
  • Prosthetic, Speech and
    Swallowing Rehabilitation Clinic
National Dental Centre Singapore ​6324 8802
Neuro-Oncology Clinic National Neuroscience Institute ​6357 7095

Note: Besides the conditions listed above, other types of cancers are attended to at the specialist clinics. For enquiry on cancers not specifi cally listed above, please contact the respective institutions above.