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Neuro-oncology refers to the treatment of patients with primary brain tumours and patients with neurologic complications, which may arise from systemic cancers or through the treatment process taken.

For patients with primary brain tumours, treatment is tailored to the patient’s condition and the type of tumour. For benign tumours, total removal is curative and carried out by the surgical oncology team. For malignant tumours, surgery usually has to be followed by adjuvant radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy.

A patient may require surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy or a combination of these modalities; a multidisciplinary approach involving doctors from diff erent specialties and allied healthcare professionals is often required. The multidisciplinary care approach has been demonstrated to result in superior patient care and outcome.

The neuro-oncology clinics managed by the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) off ers a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment for brain tumour patients. Surgical services, radiation therapy (including radiosurgery) and chemotherapy services are available at the campuses of NNI (NNI@Tan Tock Seng Hospital and NNI@Singapore General Hospital). They provide a comprehensive and holistic range of treatment options and expertise required by each patient.