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Young Onset Cognitive Impairment (YOCI)

Young Onset Cognitive Impairment (YOCI) - How to prevent?

Young Onset Cognitive Impairment (YOCI) - Diagnosis

Young Onset Cognitive Impairment (YOCI) - Treatments

YOCI service at NNI

YOCI patients and their families face different problems and needs compared to other dementias. Many encounter difficulty in gaining access and support to locally available services as most existing services are tailored for the elderly or disabled.

Objectives of NNI YOCI programme:

  • To improve quality of life of patients with YOCI
  • To provide counseling to caregivers of patients with YOCI
  • To equip caregivers with skills to manage the behavioural changes of patients with YOCI
  • To provide a support system for patients with YOCI and their families

YOCI Programme Initial Assessment*

  • Detailed nursing assessment (e.g. Psychosocial and functional status)
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Clinical visit
  • Diagnostic test/s e.g. blood test, brain scan (Above to be determined by physician after initial assessment)

Diagnostic Review Visit*

  • Clinical visit
  • Education and counseling
  • Social issues referral (e.g. Dementia Day Care/ Palliative service)

* Please note that the Initial Assessment and Diagnostic Review Visit will be covered over two visits.

Young Onset Cognitive Impairment (YOCI) - Preparing for surgery

Young Onset Cognitive Impairment (YOCI) - Post-surgery care

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