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Preventing Falls

Preventing Falls: Overview and Reducing Risks | Singapore General Hospital

Preventing Falls - Symptoms

Preventing Falls - How to prevent?

Preventing Falls - Causes and Risk Factors

As you grow older, your bodily functions change or deteriorate. For example: 
  • Sense of balance reduces 
  • Response time slows down 
  • Muscles weaken 
  • Vision becomes poor 
Medical conditions may increase the risk of falls, such as:
  • Stroke and Parkinson’s disease that cause balance and walking disorders. 
  • Heart and lung diseases that affect tolerance for mobility. 
  • Joint disorders, like arthritis, that leads to pain over joints with mobility. 
  • Bladder conditions that result in incontinence, and the need for frequent toileting.  
  • Dementia that leads to decline in safety awareness.
Other risk factors :
  • Medications can also be a risk for falls. Diuretics, sedatives or anti-hypertensive medications can predispose you to fall as you grow older.
  • Ill-fitting shoes often lead to slip or trip. 

Preventing Falls - Diagnosis

Preventing Falls - Treatments

Preventing Falls - Preparing for surgery

Preventing Falls - Post-surgery care

Preventing Falls - Other Information

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