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Metastatic Brain Tumours

Metastatic Brain Tumours - Symptoms


  • Headache: Initially the headache comes and goes, and is usually common in the morning. It gradually increases in duration, frequency and severity
  • Weakness: One side of the body is weak
  • Behavioural changes: Some examples include impairment of judgement, reasoning, memory loss, rapid mood changes and mental confusion
  • Neurological: Drowsiness, changes in vision, speech disturbance, balance problems, clumsy unsteady walk, dizziness and vomiting
  • Seizures: May be the first indication

Metastatic Brain Tumours - How to prevent?

Metastatic Brain Tumours - Causes and Risk Factors

Metastatic Brain Tumours - Preparing for surgery

Metastatic Brain Tumours - Post-surgery care

Metastatic Brain Tumours - Other Information

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