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Dry Eye Syndrome - What it is

Dry eye syndrome occurs when you do not produce enough tears (problem with tear quantity) or when the composition of tears is abnormal and cannot adequately cover the surface of the eye (problem with tear quality).

The tear film is an essential part for ensuring the overall health of the ocular surface. It cleanses, lubricates and nourishes the surface of the eye as well as protects the eye against infection. Both the quality and quantity of the tears must be maintained within certain levels to ensure a healthy ocular surface essential for good vision.

Chronic dry eye can lead to damage of the eye's surface and an increased risk of eye infections. Left untreated, severe forms of dry eye may even affect your vision.

Dry Eye Syndrome - How to prevent?

Dry Eye Syndrome - Preparing for surgery

Dry Eye Syndrome - Post-surgery care

Dry Eye Syndrome - Other Information

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