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Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain: Overview, Risk Factors and Causes, Symptoms, Treatment | Singapore General Hospital

Abdominal Pain - How to prevent?

Abdominal Pain - Diagnosis

The etiological diagnosis of “tummy ache” is difficult because of its many underlying causes. It is therefore important that a physician be consulted when significant symptoms occur. Often, symptoms of “tummy ache” resolve spontaneously within a period of a few hours or days. An appropriate assessment by a family or general physician is needed should prolonged symptoms occur. A referral is made for specialist care when deemed necessary by a primary care physician.

The diagnosis requires a detailed clinical history and physical examination. Laboratory test are requested to assist in the diagnostic process. The use of radiology and endoscopy assist in visualizing the internal organs. Finally, endoscopic assessment allow for biopsies to be taken to confirm certain medical conditions like Helicobacter Pylori infection.

Abdominal Pain - Preparing for surgery

Abdominal Pain - Post-surgery care

Abdominal Pain - Other Information

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