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Martin Wasser

Martin Wasser

NameMartin Wasser


DesignationSenior Biostatistician

Highest DegreePhD

Degree InstituteInstitute of Molecular & Cell Biology, NUS

Degree year1998

Joined TII2017

RoleMartin provides biostatistics and bioinformatics support for clinical and experimental studies at TII. He develops desktop and web-based applications for high-throughput immunological assays, especially mass Cytometry (CyTOF) which measures protein expression in single cells.

Currently working onHe develops an Immune Atlas that serves as a web interface to explore TII’s immune databases at different levels of detail and also upload own cytometry data for comparison with the Immune Atlas. In addition, he is building a desktop application that helps TII’s scientists characterise the diverse cell populations of the immune system.

Martin's research interests are…Being trained in both experimental biology and artficial intelligence, Martin has a keen interest in applying machine learning, data visualisation and intuitive software design to facilitate discoveries from complex, high-dimensional biological data.

Long term wish toMartin's goal is to accomplish discoveries and innovations that will improve the diagnosis and treatment of immunological diseases.


Projects involved with1. Extended Poly-dimensional Immunome Characterisation (EPIC): A Reference Atlas of the Immunome from Birth to Adulthood
2. Preterm Immunome (PRIMO) Study
3. Web-based data analytics platform for the human immune atlas.