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Lai Liyun

Lai Liyun

NameLai Liyun


DesignationResearch Fellow

Highest DegreeMaster

Degree InstituteNational University of Singapore

Degree year2006

Joined TII2013

RoleLiyun's role at TII is as a mass cytometry specialist. She is currently in charge of CyTOF, Including machine operation, maintenance and its related experiments.

Currently working onTechnique support to keep CyTOF in function. Scientific support in CyTOF related project designation and experiments planning.

Liyun's research interests are…Specialised in mass and flow cytometry

Long term wish todevelop new applications of CyTOF in translational medicine research.

Projects involved with1. Dichotic control of T cell tolerance and effector restriction during human fetal development
2. Exploring the inflammatory signatures underlying progression of knee osteoarthritis
3. Immune landscape in systemic sclerosis
4. Immune profile of race and rejection after kidney transplantation
5. Predicting relapse in JIA patients upon anti-TNFA withdrawal
6. The synovial micro-enviroment in juvenile idiopathic arthritis