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Florent Ginhoux

Florent Ginhoux

NameFlorent Ginhoux


DesignationSenior PI

Highest DegreePhD

Degree InstituteUniversity Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris

Degree year2004

Joined TII2018

RoleLeading research on human myeloid cells to understand their role in physiology and disease

Currently working onOntogeny of marcophages and ontogeny & immune functions of dendritic cells

Florent's research interests are…Dendritic cells (DCs), monocytes and macrophages play crucial and distinct roles in tissue homeostasis and immunity, but also contribute to a broad spectrum of pathologies and are thus attractive therapeutic targets. Potential intervention strategies aiming at manipulation of these cells will require in-depth insights of their origins and the mechanisms that govern their homeostasis.

The focus of the laboratory is to understand the ontogeny of DCs, monocytes and macrophages, their differentiation pathways and how their unique ontogeny dictates their immune functions.

Our approach encompasses the integration of high dimensional platforms such as RNAseq, single cell transcriptome analysis using microfluidic RNA sequencing and deep immunophenotypic assessment using state of the art 18 parameters flow cytometry or Cytometry by Time-Of-Flight mass spectrometry (CyTOF) (In collaboration with Dr Evan Newell, SIgN). Such high density molecular profiling at the single level and at unprecedented dimensionality and complexity will provide new insights in the biology of DC, monocyte and macrophage cell populations. Defining macrophage and DC populations on the criteria of their origin may aid our understanding of their discrete roles in tissue immunity and homeostasis, as ontogeny of DC and macrophage subsets likely underlie their functional specializations.

Long term wish tocontribute to meaningful research with relevance to human health