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Exploring the inflammatory signatures underlying progression of knee osteoarthritis

Major Category: Research and Disease Areas

Subcategory: Loss of Tolerance

By Bhairav Paleja (Team Lead), Ahmad Lajam, Camillus Chua, Lai Liyun, Pavanish Kumar, Sharifah Nur Hazirah

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative multifactorial joint disease and a significant cause of joint pain and disability. Age, joint trauma and obesity have been identified as major risk factors for OA. Although traditionally OA has been considered a pathological response to abnormal joint loading and mechanics, the involvement of low-grade inflammation is now recognised as a common finding. However further thorough understanding of the immune mechanisms involved is needed for unravelling pathogenesis and yield therapeutic targets that can modify the course of OA. In the current study we aim to explore the immunological signatures in defining inflammatory phenotypes of knee OA using high throughput transcriptomics and immunomics approach.