SingHealth eNews AUGUST 2020
Knee Preservation Osteotomy:
A Viable, Cost-Effective Alternative to Arthroplasty 


A more active lifestyle has seen an increasing trend in knee arthritis in the younger age group. Knee preservation osteotomy surgery can be a viable and more cost-effective option for them as improved techniques and implants enable improved function, quality of life and good long-term survivorship results.

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Current Dengue Serotype Disguises Itself to Evade Immune Response, Vaccines

Sjogrens-Syndrome-Acute-Ischaemic-Strokes-as-Primary-Presentation The dengue virus serotype 3 (DENV3), which is currently circulating in Singapore, can undergo dramatic structural changes that enable it to resist immune response, vaccines and therapeutics. This discovery by Duke NUS Medical School could guide the development of effective vaccines and treatments against infection.

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More Aggressive Form of Nose Cancer Caused by Mutated Gene at Birth

Sjogrens-Syndrome-Acute-Ischaemic-Strokes-as-Primary-Presentation One gene – RPA1 – influences the survival of nasopharyngeal cancer patients following treatment. Patients with the particular gene mutation known as rs1131636-T may even develop a more aggressive form of cancer that is resistant to radiotherapy.

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