SingHealth eNews MARCH 2020

Detecting Eating Disorders in Adolescence

Eating disorders have a significant impact on bio-psychosocial health. As these complex illnesses are prevalent and commonly develop in adolescence, early recognition and treatment is vital. However, due to the lack of specificity of the initial presentation and the range of clinical presentation, patients are often not referred early enough for effective treatment - posing a gap in primary care which needs to be addressed. Read more


New Surgery for Severe Ankle Arthritis

New-Surgery-for-Severe-Ankle-Arthritis A new type of ankle surgery, known as the lateral total ankle replacement surgery, is now available at Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) for patients over the age of 60 with severe ankle arthritis. Instead of the traditional incision at the front of the ankle, the new method involves accessing the ankle with a lateral approach. This method avoids important blood vessels and nerves at the front of the ankle, lowers the risk of post-surgical complications, and offers better joint motion after surgery. Read more

SBRT: An Advanced Radiotherapy Technique For Prostate Cancer

Technological advancements have allowed radiotherapy to be given at the level of precision within millimeters, enabling the development of an advanced technique for early stage localised prostate cancer – Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). SBRT can deliver much larger radiation doses for each treatment, enabling shorter radiotherapy courses with excellent clinical outcomes. Read more


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