SingHealth eNews FEBRUARY 2019
Cancer Genetics Testing: Understanding the Complexities
Since 2014, the Cancer Genetics Service at the National Cancer Centre Singapore has seen a sharp rise in demand by patients requesting for genetic testing. Over the last 3 years, more than 1800 patients have had genetic risk assessment and clinical testing.

On average, one-fifth of the patients tested are positive for one of the cancer predisposition syndromes. An in-depth study conducted among patients who have undergone genetic testing showed that local patients are heavily influenced by their primary doctors’ opinions on whether to proceed with testing. Read more
Assessing Common Child Strabismus
Strabismus or squint is a condition where there is a misalignment of the eyes. In Asia, exotropias (divergent squints) are the most common type of strabismus, consisting of 65-85% of total childhood strabismus.

All children with a squint will require a complete ocular examination to exclude any potential ocular causes of poor vision resulting in a squint, for example, a unilateral congenital cataract resulting in poor vision and hence, exodeviation of that eye. Read more

Atherosclerosis: Health Consequences and Prevention
Besides the heart, atherosclerosis can occur in any artery in the body, including peripheral arteries in the limbs, or carotid or renal arteries.

Blockages in the leg arteries may cause pain in the legs when walking. If the pain is bearable, the patient may be advised to keep walking through the pain to encourage the body’s coping mechanism to build capillaries around the blockage. Read more

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