About the Speaker

Ms Yee Kaisin

Speech and Language Therapist
Speech Therapy
Singapore General Hospital

Kaisin is a speech and language therapist in Singapore General Hospital. She graduated from University College London in 2011, and has specialised in rehabilitation in head and neck cancer since 2013. She has keen research interests in voice, swallowing and quality of life outcomes and changes after head and neck surgery.

Kaisin is a firm believer in enhancing patients’ quality of life. She is a co-founder of voluntary society Speechie Movement. It works on projects, with partner organisations in the public and private sector, to promote community inclusion and accessibility for people with communication and swallowing difficulties in Singapore. span>                        


Track 1: Cancer Rehabilitation
Eating Well Through Head and Neck Cancer It Takes a Team
Date  :  Thursday, 7 September 2017
Time  :  1030
Venue  :   Auditorium
Abstract  :   Head and neck cancer patients face unique challenges in maintaining adequate nutrition. Both the disease and its treatment can significantly impact on upper aerodigestive tract anatomy and/or function, resulting in difficulty and pain during chewing and swallowing. This, in turn, affects the patients’ ability to obtain adequate nutrition orally and results in weight loss and malnutrition. Insufficient or unsafe nutrition intake can have profound impact on wound healing, infection risks, treatment outcomes and quality of life. We will discuss swallowing and nutritional management throughout the head and neck cancer journey, and how the synergistic work of speech and language therapists and dietitians can help patients maximise their nutritional intake and optimise overall nutritional status.