About the Speaker

Dr Ong Yew Jin

Medical Director
Singapore Cancer Society

Dr Ong is the Medical Director of the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) and his practice is in palliative medicine. He works closely with a team of therapists, nutritionist, counsellors, medical social workers, nurses and doctors to provide cancer rehabilitation (centre and home-based) and hospice (home-based) services. He still learns a lot by caring for patients and their families in their homes and strongly believes in the provision of palliative and cancer rehabilitative care in the community and home settings. Besides his work at SCS, Dr Ong enjoys working with students and healthcare partners in supporting community and hospice care in Cambodia.


Track 1: Cancer Rehabilitation
The Singapore Cancer Society Rehab Program: How We Do It
Date :  Thursday, 7 September 2017
Time  :   1000
Venue  :   Auditorium
Abstract  :  Cancer rehabilitation is a process that assists the person with cancer to obtain optimum physical, social, psychological, spiritual and vocational functioning to maximize his/her ability to carry on with life, within the limits created by the disease and its resulting treatment. Being a new and the first community-based cancer rehabilitation centre in Singapore, we built a model that involved hospital and community-based partners. We adopted a tri-modal model approach in providing physical, nutritional, psychosocial support to persons across the cancer care continuum - from preventive, restorative, supportive to palliative rehabilitation. It is a work in progress and we will be sharing what we have learnt and developed thus far.