About the Speaker

Ms Grace Yeo Pei Wen

Senior Staff Nurse (Resident Nurse)
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Singapore General Hospital

Miss Yeo is a resident nurse in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, at Singapore General Hospital. She has been working closely with patients with stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury & other orthopaedic related injury. She holds qualifications in Bachelor in Nursing and Advanced Diploma in Medical Surgical. She is currently involved in quality improvement project, patient education and helps to facilitates monthly stroke support group in SGH at Bright Vision Hospital.


Track 7: Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Nursing the Brain Injured Person: Lessons and Insights
Date :  Friday, 8 September 2017
Time  :   0830
Venue  :   L1-S3
Abstract  :  Caring for patients with brain injury can be challenging. Common behavioural problems associated with brain injury include agitation, cognitive deficits, disinhibition etc . Nursing care of the patient with brain injury involves providing the individual with a safe environment and managing any cognitive deficits and physical needs of the patient. Therefore, it is essential to equip rehabilitation nurses with knowledge on strategies on managing behavioural problems. In this presentation, I will share a case study, to sieve out the lessons learnt, and provide an insight to the nursing management for brain injured patients.