About the Speaker

Mr Gabriel Lim

Programme Director
Lien Foundation

Gabriel is Programme Director at the Lien Foundation where he oversees the eldercare projects of the Lien Foundation. He has a keen interest in global and cross-disciplinary best practices in eldercare, particularly in the application of innovative dementia and end-of-life care for Singapore.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Gabriel was involved in the research of social enterprises. He was also Module Chair for a foundational diploma course in a local polytechnic. He graduated from the business school of the Singapore Management University, and holds a graduate research degree where he examined the factors that drive service innovation in Singapore’s non-profit sector. In his spare time, Gabriel indulges in philately.


Track 8: Geriatric Rehabilitation
Gym Tonic: Making our Seniors Genki
Date  :  Friday, 8 September 2017
Time  :  1030
Venue  :   Auditorium
Abstract  :    Strength training is an effective way to improve, maintain and delay the functional decline of elderly as they age, or in the event of acute events such as falls and strokes. Leveraging on an IT backbone, automated pneumatic-powered gym machines, know-how transfer, peer exchange, and evidence-based assessment instruments, Gym Tonic presented an approach towards delivering systematic and targeted exercise for seniors.

The findings of 396 seniors who participated in the Gym Tonic programme will be presented. These seniors came from either residential (nursing homes) or community settings (Senior Care Centres, Senior Activity Centres) who have gone through the 12-weeks programme. The findings have shown that the programme helps reverse or prevent frailty.

Consistent with the literature and an earlier research, participants have shown improvements in muscle strength and overall functional performance. These patterns and magnitude apply across service settings, gender, and age.

As an ongoing and evolving programme with deployment in 21 sites, we will briefly discuss the implications of these findings in relation to Gym Tonic as a frailty intervention programme.