Administration and Centre Operations

The Essentials of Designing a Simulation Centre

Speakers: Mr Ferooz Sekandarpoor
Date: 25 October 2019 (Fri)  | Time: 1000 - 1130 Location: Academia, Level 2, L2-T2

The Simulation Design lecture will provide tips and advice for those embarking on a major simulation infrastructure project. It will cover design aspects that are generally decided in the early stages of a facilities project, along with the Functional Programme and/or Project Plan, to align various stakeholders (architects, engineers and construction project managers) around a common, high-level vision of a given space. Where a functional plan includes technology-enabled rooms, the corresponding Enhanced Clinical Skills Room (ECSR) Guideline document(s) accompanies it.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify the requirement for simulation infrastructure at the planning stages
  2. Describe the full functional requirements of a state of art simulation centre
  3. Explore hybrid simulation facility design to support existing and new technologies

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