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How To Create, Work With and Repair Silicone Appliances

Speakers: Ms Nicole Heydenrijk
Date: 24 October 2019 (Thu)  | Time: 1510 - 1640 Location: Academia, Level 2, Whitespace

In this workshop, participants will learn to create a small silicon wound by using a mould as well as by freehand. They will have hands-on opportunities to apply ready-made silicone appliances on a manikin or person, as well as practice blending appliances into the skin and how to add colour, bruising and blood. Other skills covered during the workshop include cutting, suturing or clamping after a demonstration with a (MedicFX) surgical model. Participants will also learn how to repair the silicone appliance for re-use. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. To be able to create re-usable wounds out of silicon with the use of moulds or by freehand; 
  2. To know how to apply and work with silicon appliances ( MedicFX appliances); 
  3. To be able to effectively repair any silicon appliance after use in a simulation training.

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