Expert Panel

How Immersive Media Technology is Changing the Education Landscape

Speakers: Prof Fernando Bello, Assoc Prof Danny P Goel, Mr Ferooz Sekandarpoor, Assoc Prof Patrea Andersen, Assoc Prof Emile Kwong-Wei Tan and Mr Siddharth Jain
Date: 23 October 2019 (Wed)  | Time: 1645 - 1730 Location: Academia, Level 1, Auditorium

Rapidly evolving technology for Extended Reality (XR) and unified content development platforms are offering new ways of visualising, manipulating, communicating, and learning. Application areas such as medical, military, entertainment and education are benefiting from advances in graphic processing units, computer vision, display technology and input devices, exploring the affordances and limitations of XR. In education, XR allows learners to visualise complex spatial relationships and abstract concepts, to experience phenomena that is not possible in the real world, to interact with synthetic objects, and to develop important practices and literacies that cannot be experienced in other Technology Enhanced Learning environments. Whilst these new possibilities for teaching and learning are increasingly recognised by educational practitioners, learners and researchers, it is important to understand the implications of such technology, the opportunities it offers, as well as the challenges it presents. Our Expert Panel will bring together industrial, academic and clinical expertise to discuss the impact of Immersive Media Technology in healthcare education.

Learning Objectives:
  1. To identify key enabling Extended Reality (XR) technologies
  2. To recognise the opportunities and challenges presented by XR in the context of healthcare education
  3. To discuss different ways in which XR is already having an impact in healthcare education
  4. To reflect on what the future of healthcare education might look like and what are the implications for both learners and educators

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