About the Speaker​


Dr WOO Yew Lok

Associate Consultant, Department of ​Orthopaedic Surgery

Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

Dr Woo Yew Lok is an Associate Consultant in Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Singapore General Hospital. Beyond his clinical profile specialising in orthopaedic trauma, Dr Woo has a special interest in medical simulation and technological advancements in the field of postgraduate medical education. He believes that technology will be able to augment surgical training and learner outcomes. As the past chairperson of the Singhealth Residents’ Committee, Dr Woo is also active in Residency teaching and frequently facilitates Residency workshops and seminars.

Speaker's Session:

An Introductory Hands-On Workshop for Hydrocortisone & Lignocaine (H&L) Injection and Ultrasound Guided Therapeutics
Date: 23 October 2019 (Wed)  | Time: 1500 - 1630 | Location: Academia, Level B1, PSL 1

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