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MedicFX, New Zealand

Founder of MedicFX, Nicole Heydenrijk is an award-winning special FX artist who has over 30 years' experience in creating special FX for film TV and events. After emigrating from The Netherlands 20 years ago, she founded BodyFX in New Zealand, which is now a leading brand in specialFX and bodyart.

MedicFX was founded as a sister company only 3 years ago. After seeing first aid training devices and speaking with medical professionals, Nicole decided there was a need for more realistic simulation products. With her specialisation in silicon work, she developed a wide range of real-life traumatic prosthetics, which could be used by glueing on or wrapping around limbs. MedicFX went on to work with the University of Auckland to develop realistic surgical models for OR team to give students and users the best possible experience.

Beyond surgical models, MedicFX also has created popular face overlays to personalise the SimMan, creating more realistic training scenarios. MedicFX offers custom services to provide realistic-looking simulation models in all disciplines. 

Speaker's Session:

How To Create, Work With and Repair Silicone Appliances
Date: 24 October 2019 (Thu)  | Time: 1510 - 1640 | Location: Academia, Level 12 Whitespace


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