About the Speaker​


Mrs Devi KOLLI

CEO, AiSolve Ltd, United Kingdom

Devi heads AiSolve Ltd, a pioneering specialist Virtual Reality (VR) company that continues to achieve great results in emergency resuscitation simulations. Over the past 15 years she has co-founded, invested and nurtured several technology start-ups, which not only include immersive VR simulations, but also range from AR for retail and entertainment to night vision technologies for defence. AiSolve as a parent group nurtured these starts-ups, which led to one of these being recently acquired by retailer GAME, while the others have secured successful funding rounds to support global expansion. 

She is a passionate advocate of virtual reality simulation training and strongly believes that VR is the ultimate technology platform for training to be delivered at its best. She helped to conceptualise and deploy many skills-based and procedural-training simulations across industries and remain at the forefront of AI-powered VR applications. Devi has dedicated herself to helping the enterprise and consumer markets understand how AI and VR can complement and integrate within their training programmes, and how these technologies will affect the way we work, learn, socialise and play.

Speaker's Session:

How Adaptive VR Simulations and AI Analysis Transform Emergency Healthcare
Date: 25 October 2019 (Fri)  | Time: 1320 - 1450 | Location: Academia, Level 1, L1-S3


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