About the Speaker​


Ms Tay Jia Li Amelia

Nurse Clinician, Major Operating Theatre,
Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

Ms Amelia is a Nurse Clinician from Singapore General Hospital (SGH). She is a Registered Nurse with the Singapore Nursing Board, a member of the Singapore Nursing Association, a member of the Association of Burns Injury Singapore, and also a member of the SGH Major Operating Theatre In Situ Simulation Faculty. 

She has been in Nursing for 13 years and her specialised area of care is in Peri-Operative Nursing. Ms Amelia has been involved in Burns Wounds Management, Quality Improvements, Research and In Situ Simulation related to Peri-Operative Nursing Care. 

Currently, she is in the SGH Nursing Technology, Research and Innovation Council and actively involved in the Perioperative In Situ Crisis Resource Management Simulation Training Programme.

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