Keynote Lecture

Using Simulation to Translate Complex Theorectical Concepts into Practice in Healthcare Education: The Past, Present, and Future

Speaker: Assoc Prof Patrea Andersen
Date: 25 October 2019 (Fri)  | Time: 1135 - 1220 | LocationAcademia, Level 1, Auditorium

Face-to-face real time simulation using manikins and/or simulated patients has long been revered as the gold standard for immersive simulation in healthcare education. These methods have played an important role in developing technical and non-technical skills in graduates to competently address the challenges of everyday clinical practice. However, with the advent of innovative technology in simulation, pedagogy is evolving and is no longer restricted to activities undertaken in clinical teaching laboratories. Underpinned by simulation pedagogy, gaming, virtual and augmented reality are being employed in healthcare education. Used to simulate patient presentation and explain theoretical concepts in clinical practice, these applications of technology simplify the cognitive processes needed to comprehend and translate complex theoretical concepts into practice.

This keynote lecture briefly revisits historical simulation approaches, considers current-day practices and explores technologies that are new and emerging in healthcare education. It will include snapshots of simulation pedagogy that employ technological solutions for enhancing the development of clinical knowledge and expertise. Through this lecture, participants will have their perceptions challenged and expanded about what constitutes simulation and how it can be used to prepare healthcare professionals of the future.

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